I commissioned Rae for a piece involving multiple elements and characters. Rae communicated throughout the entire process - first drafts, second drafts, initial painting, etc - and was receptive to feedback. Rae also took initiative with some design elements when I gave very vague suggestions, showing that Rae is both creative and in-tune with the client's needs! Rae's enthusiasm showed throughout the process. It was delightful to work with Rae, and I would definitely do it again!

Alana H. : Denton, TX

I commissioned Rae for some fanart for my husband as a Christmas gift and they delivered an amazing work of art! The quality was fantastic and even had extra gold detailing that I absolutely loved! My husband was thrilled with it! Rae was an absolute joy to work with. They were very clear, prompt, professional, kind, and excited about the piece. Overall, a wonderful experience that I will definitely do again!

Michelle A : Seattle, WA

So all around Rae is a wonderful person to work with. They work quickly with great communication, providing thumbnails and references along the way. On top of that they have an excellent sense of understanding and can work from visual or written reference to create excellent pieces. I have worked with them before and hope to work with them again in the future!

Michael D. : Addison, TX

Rae's attention to design and detail makes every experience working with them just incredible. No matter how large the project, they face them all with a smile and open ears. I have approached Rae several times for illustrations of personal characters and they were so communicative about my needs and wants for the character's design and layout, and I could not be more pleased with the final products.

Kat Q. : Austin, TX

I've worked with Rae a few times and they always deliver above and beyond what I'm expecting - even when I'm raising my standards from the previous time. Their work is whimsical, bright, and always on time. Furthermore, they are a delight to work with, endlessly enthusiastic, and utterly dedicated to delivering a quality product. You definitely get what you pay for and more.

Caroline K. : Dallas, TX