What Inspired Me - Number One


Music has always had a profound impact on my artistic endeavors. Although I often find myself rewatching The Office for the second (cough, tenth) time while working on some larger projects, often music has been the source of ideation for my pieces and can set the stage for the mood of my work. The following artists are the ones that have recently inspired me and gotten my creative juices flowing.

1. Son Lux

Son Lux is an American band, created by Ryan Lott and later joined by two other members, Rafiq Bhatia and Ian Chang. Their music is experimental, moody, bold and unique.

Although they utilize traditional instruments like piano and guitar, their music is produced to help create an ambiance that sounds almost dream-like. You’ve likely heard their work in places you wouldn’t expect, like being sampled in Fall Out Boy’s “Fourth of July” off of the American Beauty/American Psycho album or in the film Paper Towns.

Notably, their work is commonly remixed, and they are no strangers to collaboration. At the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2016, they performed their song “Easy” with Woodkid live on stage, and the sultry voice of Yoann Lemoine lends itself perfectly to their style.

The almost haunting visuals of the performance, with all musicians clad in white, makes this band my go-to for composition inspiration.


It’s likely that you may not have heard of this band - which I don’t mean to say to sound “underground.” It’s rather that this group is comprised of two Japanese electronic artists. Their music is described as “Big Beat,” which is a genre utilizing heavy synth generated loops and patterns.

The first song I heard from this group was in an anime intro. “Kiznaiver” to be exact. Although the overall show was not my cup of tea, the intro offered incredible visuals paired with this upbeat tune that I think of regularly when creating colorful digital pieces.

The rest of their music is all unique as well, often being incredibly upbeat, layered and deceptively simple.



1. Furry Little Peach

Furry Little Peach, or Sha'an d'Anthes, is an Australian artist and graphic designer. Timelapse painting videos and studio vlogs on Youtube have changed the game in terms of inspiration and learning for me, and this artist ticks all the boxes when it comes to content.

Her videos include studio tours, How-to videos, unboxing and tool experimentation, print making, illustration and painting timelapses, and professional FAQs and tips. Her art is colorful, fun, and showcases the perfect example of restraint with reason, with nothing being overdone just for the sake of it.

She also released a children’s book that she wrote and illustrated herself called “Zoom.”

You can find her work here.

2. Aiboneida

Aida is a Visdev 2D and 3D artist I found though fanart of one of my favorite shows, Fullmetal Alchemist.

She uses bold shapes and colors, but most notably her sense of form is refined and inspiring. Her characters designs are fun and interesting to look at, and it’s clear that she is very specific and purposeful in her choices and design.

You can find her work here.


Online comics:

1. Firelight Isle

Rarely do I find a comic that fully encapsulates everything I want in media - stellar art, incredible storytelling, meaningful relationships, and unique worldbuilding - and Firelight Isle is it.

The comic is still in its early stages and already shows signs of greatness with a unique layout called “ribbons” which play into an element of the world Paul Duffield has created. The characters are inclusive as the main cast and most characters being people of color, and the sense of attachment and love for the characters I have already shows how well Paul can create a story worth reading.

I would highly recommend you start reading now, as this will be one for the books!

You can read Firelight Isle here.

Check back for even more inspiring people and media in the coming months.